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Capacidades técnicas

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Detalle de nuestras capacidades técnicas

Circuit / Panel Size

  Standard Advanced
Single Sided Max. 510 x 610mm  
Double Sided Non PTH Max. 510 x 610mm  
Silver Through Hole Max. 510 x 610mm  
PTH Max. 457 x 610mm Max. 610 x 1000mm
Multilayer Max. 457 x 610mm Max. 610 x 1000mm
Layer count Up to 20 Up to 58


  Standard Advanced
FR1 Yes Yes
FR2 Yes Yes
CEM-1 Yes Yes
CEM-3 Yes Yes
FR4 (Standard & Hi-TG) ITEQ, Kingboard, Shengyi, Nanya, Grace, Isola Nelco,   Rogers, panasonic, Taconic, others available on request
Aluminium Denka, Bergquist, Laird Denka, Bergquist, Laird
Ceramic Al2O3, AlN, (DBC & DPC) Al2O3, AIN, (DBC & DPC)
Pre-pregs 1080, 2113, 2116, 2125, 7628 1080, 2113, 2116, 2125, 7628
Other Materials Please Enquire Please Enquire

Copper Foil

  Standard Advanced
Single Sided 1oz (35µm) – 2oz (70µm) 6oz (210µm)
PTH 1oz (35µm) – 6oz (210µm) 6oz (210µm)
Multilayer (Outer layers) 1oz (35µm) – 6oz (210µm) 6oz (210µm)
Multilayer (Inner Layers) 1/2oz (18µm) – 6oz (210µm) 4oz (140µm)
Metal Clad PCB 1oz (35µm) – 6oz (210µm) 12oz (420µm)
Ceramic PCB 1/2oz (18µm) – 6oz (210µm) 10oz (350µm)
ASPECT RATIO 10:01 16:01

Surface Finishes

  Standard Advanced
Hot Air Solder Level Yes Yes
Lead Free Hot Air Solder Level Yes Yes
Immersion Gold (ENIG) Yes Yes
Immersion Silver Yes Yes
Immersion Tin Yes Yes
Hard Gold & Gold Finger Yes Yes
OSP Yes Yes

Solder Masks, Idents and Carbon

  Standard Advanced
Photoimageable (LPI) Solder Mask Green, red, White, Black Red, Orange, Purple, Grey & Others on request
Via Plugging Yes Yes
Peelable Solder Mask Standard & Hi-Temp—red, Green, Red Standard & Hi-Temp—red, Green, Red
UV Curable ident (Silkscreen) White, Yellow, Black Green, Red, red, Brown
Carbon Key Pads Yes Yes
Carbon Links No Yes

CNC Drilling

  Standard Advanced
Min. Finished Hole Size (Mechanical) 0.20mm 0.15mm
Min. Finished Hole Size (Laser) 0.10mm 0.05mm
Minimum Punched Hole Size 0.80mm 0.70mm


  Standard Advanced
Track & Gap ±20% ±10%
Layer Registration ±0.10mm ±0.10mm


  Standard Advanced
Hole Diameter (PTH) ±0.075mm ±0.050mm
Hole Diameter (Non-PTH) ±0.10mm ±0.050mm
Hole Diameter (Punched) ±0.15mm ±0.10mm
Hole Location ±0.05mm  


  Standard Advanced
Track & Gap ±20% ±10%

Solder Mask

  Standard Advanced
Via Plugging (100% Fill) –20% -10%
Via Size ≤0.50mm ≤0.60mm
Registration 0.025mm 0.020mm
Solder Dam Width Min. 0.15mm Min. 0.10mm
Thickness Over Trace (Surface) Min. 10µm Min. 15µm
Solder Mask Pad Size Min. 15µm  


  Standard Advanced
Maximum board thickness 6.00mm 10.00mm
Minimum board thickness 0.30mm 0.20mm
Minimum Track / Gap Inner layer 0.10mm 0.05mm
Minimum Track / Gap Outer layer (35µm) 0.10mm 0.05mm
Finished PCB Thickness ±10%  
Routing Profile ±0.15mm ±0.10mm
V-Cut profile ±0.15mm ±0.10mm

Electrical Test

  Standard Advanced
% Tested (Open / Short test) 100% 100%
QFP Pitch 16mil (0.40mm) 12mil (0.30mm)
BGA Pitch 16mil (0.40mm) 12mil (0.30mm)
Connector Pitch 16mil (0.40mm) 12mil (0.30mm)

Other Options

  Standard Advanced
AOI All Multilayer All Multilayer
Impedance Control ± 10% ± 5%
Solderability Testing As standard As standard
Ionic Contamination On Request On Request

Special Requirements


Lead Times: UK Manufacture

Board Type Standard Quick Turn
Single Sided 10 Days 3 Days
PTH 10 Days 5 Days
Multilayer From 10 Days From 3 Days

Lead Times: Far East Manufacture

Board Type Manufacturing Lead Time
Quick Turn ≤ 5sqft / 0.46 m2 From 5 Days
Single Sided 10 – 20 Days dependant on volume
PTH 15 – 25 Days dependant on volume
Multilayer 15 – 30 Days dependant on volume & Technology
Air Freight Lead Time – 4 Days
Sea Freight Lead Time – 20 Days
All Far East lead times are subject to customs clearance
Premium International shipments can be arranged   by DHL, Fedex, UPS or TNT at extra cost